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Every winter...I wait. For the sun to dive down. To go away. And then I waited for the night to call. I remember the first time I did it. I was in my room. Alone. Wondering if I was important enough for people to miss. I looked outside and saw the snow blowing in the wind. It was so dark outside, and I was too young to know better. But the wind was calling my name. I got my long furry jacket and my little furry hat. No one noticed me leave, and to be honest, that hurt me real deep. I left to our back yard where it was the darkest and sat, in the snow, waiting for nothing. Completely unaware of myself I was on my back looking up at the sky. To me it was beautiful. When I decided to go back inside I was covered with snow. I don't know wht but doing that made me happy. And so every year I waited for winter. And when it came I let the snow and the wind take my troubles away. To melt with winter. When snow melts it becomes sping, when new life is given a chance. A sign that life goes on no matter how harsh the dark times may be.

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